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Vinyl is printing down in Los Angeles @ Capsule Labs!

CD's are in the process w/ Pip @ Real Time


We should have the stuff early to mid September!!! ...Just in time for some of our tour and our big release show @ The Sunset Tavern on 9.27!



News today...we recently returned from Oakland where we had lots of great experiences. One of which was finishing up the vocal mixes with Kyle McGraw @ his newly annointed Oakland Recording Company studio.

We are looking forward to getting the final mixes soon and then will scoot onto mastering. We're looking at releasing Fruit & Animal in August/September -- and researching vinyl options for this!!! Stay tuned...


**************HEY THERE!!!*****************8.22.14

***NEW NEWS***

Just wrapped up 2 days in the studio w/ Kyle McGraw ...@ Jackpot! Studios in Portland. We had a great time...we will continue to work on this material with Kyle in his Oakland studio and hopefully wrap the whole project up in the coming months. Shooting for a Fall 2015 release! The album is slated to be titled "Fruit & Animal".

In total the new album will be a mix of 3 different sessions recorded @ Faultine Studios (8/13) in San Francisco w/ Kyle, @ Bob Lang's Studio in Seattle (3/1/14) w/ Nick Greene, and the Jackpot sessions. We plan to mix it with Kyle. Check back in here or the origami ghosts facebook page for more news...


March 6th 2012...

Lot's of good news to report. New album, "it don't exist" is almost finished w/ mixing (thanks to Kevin Suggs) and will soon be on to mastering and manufacturing on track for our July 2012 release! yay...

We're excited to include a track on this album entitled, "volcano", which is part of a compilation for late author Wallace Stegner and is the name of -- and drawn from -- the Stegner short story of the same name.

Another compilation we're excited to be a part of is the Jim Henson covers compilation that Troy Simmons has put together entitled, "The Henson Stitch". Origami Ghosts was lucky enough to cover the song "It's Not Easy Being Green". We feel honored and blessed about our participation in this effort. Stay tuned for updates on its release!


JUNE 29TH 2011

Derek Sivers of CD Baby hand picked us to be one of the free track downloads offered up in his new book ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Here's a link...

It's an honor to be selected for this.

March 6th... We'll be performing an acoustic duo (Kara & JP) set on Hollow Earth Radio on March 9th from 8 to sure to tune in! It should be real fun. Here's a link... Hollow Earth Radio

March 1 2011

---just starting to acquire recording gear. Hoping for a summer 2012 release and tour...check beck for updates!



we had a great time @ the noise for the needy fundraiser event ... here is some stuff about it!!!

and here are some great photos that were taken that night...!!! thanks again noise for the needy!!! you are fantastic!!! we love you!!!



As I mentioned yesterday, in our final week in college radio, we slipped a bit on the charts, coming in at #190 on the CMJ Top 200. This isn’t entirely surprising considering we were in the eighth week of a radio campaign with lots of new releases in the first few weeks following the holidays. That said, we did have 18 stations chart ‘Short Momentum’ this week. We even had some chart debuts from WVOU in Collegeville, PA, WAIH in Potsdam, NY, WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN, WKPX in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and WPRK, a core station in Winter Park, FL. We were really happy with how this record did. ‘Short Momentum’ garnered loyal support as the campaign went on, a very encouraging sign for future success on the charts. Personally speaking, this was one of my favorite releases of 2008. It was a pleasure to promote this record.

Here’s a breakdown of our time with CMJ:

Week One: 10 CMJ Adds
Week Two: 9 charters
Week Three: 15 charters
Week Four: 16 charters
Week Five: 15 charters
Week Six: #179 on CMJ Top 200
Week Seven: #128 on CMJ Top 200
Week Eight: #190 on CMJ Top 200

Other highlights:

* 50 stations included ‘Short Momentum’ in their top 30
* 11 stations included the record in their top 10
* 7 stations had the record in their top five
* We were #1 at WSCS in New London, NH, SCAD Atlanta Radio in Atlanta, GA and WUSC, a core station in Columbia, SC
* We charted at six core stations — WUSB in Stony Brook, NY, KOPN in Columbia, MO, the aforementioned WUSC in Columbia, SC, KWVA in Eugene, OR, WTUL in Abita Springs, LA, WPRK in Winter Park, FL
* We saw core spins at WRUW in Cleveland, OH, WRAS in Atlanta, GA, WRUV in Burlington, VT and WDBM in E. Lansing, MI, among others
* 176 stations made ‘Short Momentum’ available for spins
* Light spins or better at 109 stations
* The record got medium spins or better at 72 stations


january 19, 2009


...we made a debut on the charts this week with Origami Ghosts, coming in at #179 on the CMJ Top 200! There were 15 stations who charted Short Momentum this week, and it was with the help of stations like WDWN in Auburn, NY (#17), WSBF in Clemson, SC (#18), WSYC in Shippensburg, PA (#20) who debuted the record, and core station KWVA (#11) who came back on board that helped with our debut! WDBM kept up their support, giving two spins this week on the track “East Station”, while KWVA gave the record three spins. There were a number of stations who dropped the record from their charts or who did not report because they weren’t back from the holidays yet, so we’ll look to bring those stations back on board next week in order to make a move up the chart....


thought i'd update you on how the cd is bein' received across the country on your various college radio dials...well with the help of our friends at the planetary group ... the album is doin' very well!!! we're excited to announce that the album made it to the top of the charts on radio WUSC

(the University of South Carolina's radio station in Columbia, SC)!!! SHORT MOMENTUM is charting at many other stations across this grand check it out! latest from the planetary group follows:

We kicked off the second half of our campaign with Origami Ghosts at college radio, as we have remained steady with our number of supporters. There were 15 stations charting Short Momentum this week, picking up debuts at KSLU in Hammond, LA (#13), KWLC in Decorah, IA (#20), WRBU in Peoria, IL (#23) and WPTS in Pittsburgh (#26) to name a few. We also gained a reentry on the charts at core station WUSC, where we came in at #12, and although we missed the charts at KWVA, they’re still spinning “Thai Frog”. KUOM out in Minneapolis is definitely picking up their support, as “Story?” received three spins this week alongside an additional spin for “Thai Frog” and we saw our first spin at WRAS down in Atlanta, where they played the track “Harlem”. Up to this point in our campaign, we’ve been added to rotation at 134 stations and look to see that number increase as we move forward and in to the new year.




hello mavericks!!!

we are pleased to inform people that we are releasing our new album in january of 2009. hopefully you will hear it on the radio before that. we are planning to tour again in february. we had a rad time in september on tour. we met so many nice people (you know who you are!) and rad people too! we're also pleased to say that we're working w/ riot act media (link to riot act media), focusing primarily on mavericky world domination.


here are a couple of links to some radio progrums that we were a part of on tour.

link to radio progrum that origami ghosts was on in san francisco...the o.g. portion is towards the end!

----> pirate cat radio 87.9 fm

link to radio progrum that origami ghosts was on in santa barbara...the o.g. portion is towards the you gotta look for it!

----> KCSB 91.9 fm

March 2008

hey we made the stranger podcast again!!!

Fresh Air - The Alternative is a non-profit making, independant radio station based in the city of Edinburgh.

and they're playin our tunes...!!!


...happy spring!!! our new album "short momentum" is finished!!! yay! it was recorded & produced by Kevin Suggs and mastered by Kramer. we're very excited about it. now we just have to get some money together for should be out by the summer...keeping our fingers crossed!!!


*** hey we made the stranger's online podcast!!!


december 2007

we've finished recording our next album...with kevin suggs...not sure about the name yet...we're excited about it!!! and now we're on to mixing/mastering and then it'll be ready...look for it in the coming months!!!

october 2007

***notice*** we're looking to tour in january or february of 2008. looking for shows in montana (missoula most likely/hopefully), salt lake, denver/colorado, new mexico, arizona, california, and oregon...if anyone can help us in any way...that'd be so great! and greatly appreciated! thanks! love...

so contact us @


hey s.m.o.p. (solving my own puzzles...the name of our album...why did i just abbreviate it?) made the top 30 charts on stanford's radio station...zookeeper (kzsu)! i'm excited about it!!!!!!


o.g. is on this...


april 2007


origami ghosts "solving my own puzzles..." is charting on the university of pittsburg station...wpts...92.1...for the week of apr. 11th...that's great!!!


origami ghosts made the charts on hollow earth radio the last two's a new seattle diy online radio station...check em out...


***o.g. are happy to announce that the album: origami ghosts "solving my own puzzles..." is now available in seattle at local stores: sonic boom, easy street records, and silver platters...

go pick it up! allez...***


"solving my own puzzles..." made the top 30 chart this week on colgate university's radio station!!! (wrcu fm)


well here is a clip from a snowboard video that o.g. was featured on...


the film is called "Primary Colors"...done by ian clark at Inc. Productions

march 2007...



pick up the new Seattle Sound magazine! you can see how limited our origami skills really are...

for more information on Seattle Sound Magazine go to...


berlin was really fun...i played two of them with a really nice/interesting band called "sleeping states" from london...check 'em out...



february 2007

o.g. is featured on the creot radio podcast...for Jan. 15th...***very cool***...take a's a program with lots of new underground sounds...

On the web, here:

v55 in iTunes:


hey! o.g. is on itunes now! you can buy our tracks digitally...(cool)'s the link...


october 2006

so the song "peace smells nice" is on the newest ball of wax compilation (volume 6) can pick it up here...






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